This department comprises of Eye problems arising due to problems behind the eye, ie problems in the Visual pathway which transmit visual data between the eye ball and the visual center in the brain. These may either cause sudden loss of vision, or gradual loss of vision from the sides or double vision due to abnormal eye movements.

Optic neuritis is swelling of the optic nerve due to Inflammation. Vision can range from Mild decrease to Total blindness depending on the severity of inflammation of the optic nerve.


  • Blurred vision in one or both eyes.
  • Dim vision
  • Defective color vision (dull and faded colors).
  • Pain behind the eye, particularly when moving the eyes.


  • Optic neuritis usually occurs suddenly.
  • Color vision, side vision, and the reaction of the pupil to light are checked to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Medical treatment with Intravenous Drugs are administered to regain vision in most cases.
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This is swelling of the Optic nerve due to Increased pressure inside the Head / Skull due to Increased fluid pressure or and Mass in the Brain. Initially there is not much Vision loss, but Long duration of Disc swelling can lead to death of the nerve fibers resulting in severe visual loss. Mostly this problem occurs in both eyes.


    • Headache
    • Blurred vision.
    • Shade in the center of the vision.


  • First the cause of the nerve sweeliing is identified by undergoing eith CT Scan or MRI Scan. Then depending on the cause, the treatment is given to prevent severe visual loss and to restore the existing vision.
  • Therefore, the best defense is an early diagnosis because if the cause can be found and corrected, further damage can be prevented.

Strabismus is a defect in the eyes wherein the eyes point in two different directions. This occurs when one or more of the Nerves which are responsible for the Movement of the eyes in different directions stop working leading to squint.


  • Sudden Increase in Blood Sugar
  • Mass lesion in the brain
  • Head injury
  • Injury around the eye (Orbital Fracture) …etc..


  • Medical Management in High Blood Sugars
  • Treat any Intracranial cause
  • Spectacles to decrease double vision.
  • Surgical treatment as the Final resort
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Optic Neuritis

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Lose Of Side Vision