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High taxes in the french revolution

On July 14 a mob stormed the Bastille prison in Paris looking for arms to protect itself from the king's forces. All those fast trains, first-rate hospitals and public crèches do not come for nothing, and the French are the first to defend a way of life subsidised by the public purse that can often only be bought privately in The French Revolution Class 9 Extra Questions Social Science History Chapter 1 Extra Questions for Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 1 The French Revolution The French Revolution Class 9 Extra Questions Very Short Answer Type Questions Question 1. The meeting, the first in 175 years, was held on May 5, 1789, at Versailles. His solution was to impose taxes on the nobility. Before the French Revolution, most land was owned by the Church or Nobility. The French Revolution is one of the most influential events in world history. In 1774, Louis XVI of the Bourbon family of Kings ascended the throne of _____ . In the cities, business flourished as old restrictions from pre-revolutionary France were abolished. When they were removed from power, this land was redistributed to small land owners. However, the Second Estate forced him to call a meeting of the Estates-General— an assembly of representatives from all three estates—to approve this new tax. The revolution would go on to affect the history of France and the whole of Europe in an unprecedented way that no other event was ever able to. The French Revolution and Napoleon653 Louis XVI 1754–1793Long-term Causes of the French Revolution Everything previously discussed •Absolutism •Unjust socio-political system (Old Regime) •Poor harvests which left peasant farmers with little money for taxes •Influence of Enlightenment philosophes Also •System of mercantilism which restricted trade •Influence of other successful revolutions•Middle class paid high taxes, but lacked political power •Urban workers and peasant farmers made up 80% of the population, paid about half their income in taxes & had no political power A second cause of the French Revolution was soaring national debt •Deficit spending by Louis XIV & …. Tithes and Taxes were reduced, and suddenly thousands of new landowners existed. Factors (Causes) of French Revolution 1) High Taxes for 3rd estate- none for 1st & 2nd Old unequal social system: ancien regime 2) Out of touch monarchs- Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette 3) Bread prices high…On July 11 Louis XVI ordered the army to disband it. The capture of the Bastille ignited one of the greatest social upheavals in Western history, the French Revolution. The political and social upheaval in 18th century France has been studied by millions of people – from scholars on high to students in high school. How well do you remember it? Take this quiz and Test your knowledge!Historically, the French have tolerated high taxes as the price of decent public services and a proper universal safety-net. Though not the first revolution of the modern era, the French Revolution has become the measure against which other revolutions are weighed

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